2023 Upcoming Events

Several annual or bi-annual XTMA seminars are hosted by academies/schools whom collaborate directly with Guro(s) Daniel and Marie Lonero.

The Advanced Student and Instructor Seminar is typically hosted during late Spring or early Summer.
Please note, this program is by invitation only.

If you are interested in attending any of the XTMA seminars, please contact our affiliates or email for details and/or questions.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

February 4/5
Michigan – USA
Contact: Kent Nelson

February 25/26
Saint Louis/Missouri – USA
Contact: Anthony Repasso

April 15
Livange – Luxembourg
Contact: Frank Ruppert

April 16/17/18
Mulheim – Germany
Contact: Thorsten Klangwarth

April 22/23
Frosinone – Italy
Contact: Paolo Ruggiero

May 21/22
Virginia – USA
Contact: Jim Edwards

Juin 24/25
Caen – France
Contact: Ludovic

june 28/29
Achere – France
Pascal Gilles

July 1
Speyer – Germany
Contact: Udo Mueller

July 8/9
Barcelona – Spain
Contact: David Pardo

July 10
Saint Boi – Spain
Contact: David Pardo

July 12/13
Murcia – Spain
Contact: Sergio Lopez

July 15/16
Barcelona – Spain
Contact: David Pardo
By Invitation Only!

August 12/13
Sacramento – USA
Contact: Ken Mahinan

September 16/17
Kensas – USA
Contact: Nathan Hunt

October 5
Villers-lès-Nancy – France
Contact: Adrien Sowt

October 6
Contact: Daniel Gialombardo

October 7/8
Geneva – Switzerland
Contact: Chris and Helen Cornaz 

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