XTMA Virtual Live Training

Online training 4 times a week covering the XTMA fundamentals, South-East Asia Martial Arts, and Kickboxing.

4 classes a week

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Our Weekly Classes


XTMA Fundamentals

Class taught by XTMA Senior Instructor Sifu/Guro Marie Sia Lonero
USA 10am – 11am PST
Europe 7pm – 8pm


South East Asian Martial Arts – All Levels

Class taught by Daniel Lonero
USA 10am – 11am PST
Europe 7pm – 8pm

This Class will focus on basic and advanced South-East Asian Methods such as Filipino Kali and Madjapahit Silat

  • Sticks and Daggers required for the class
  • Recommend matted area (optional)


XTMA Kickboxing – All Levels

Class taught by Daniel Lonero
USA 11am – 12pm PST
Europe 8pm – 9pm

XTMA Kickboxing or Striking for MMA is a cutting edge blend of various striking arts such as Western, French, Thai, Camobian, and Filipino Boxing.


XTMA Fundamentals

Class taught by XTMA Senior Instructor Frank Ruppert
USA 10am – 11am PST
Europe 7pm – 8pm


What our students have to say

“Especially in times when you’re unable to travel, Sifu/Guro Daniel’s Online Classes are an amazing source of high quality martial arts training. The regular weekly training keeps you committed to stay focused and engaged to really improve your game as the balance between learning new things and getting your reps in is great!”
Carina from Germany

“I was truly impressed by Daniel Lonero’s ability to deliver such a high volume quality material, over such a vast amount of subjects, in such a short amount of time. Very well organized, presented, explained, and reviewed. I wouldn’t let myself miss a single session!”
T. Kent Nelson Michigan

“Guro Lonero is truly a world class martial artist and coach and this has yet again been evident in the fantastic online classes that he has been teaching through the summer lockdown. Starting off with a solid base of fundamentals and progressing the material each week, the classes have been not only super accessible for anyone wishing to start their martial journey, but also excellent for advanced students and instructors alike, due to the progressive and varied nature of the material shown.”
Steve Gaulton. U.K


Got any questions?

Can I watch a class before joining?
Yes! We have a 1-week free trial, which means you get to watch 4 free classes before you pay!
Is it easy to cancel?
Yes! If you’d like to cancel your membership, you can do it directly from your membership area.
How do I watch the classes?
We use Zoom for our online classes, and you can either join directly in the browser from your member area, or via the Zoom app.
What happens if I miss a class?
All our classes are recorded and accessible for members, so if you miss one you can watch the replay!