“Empty Hands VS Knife Self Defence”
DVD out now!

Learn a unique and comprehensive empty hands self-defense system against any knife attacks.

As a way to show support to our community in these trying times, this DVD will be shipped to you worldwide for free!



Cross Training Martial Arts is an international program whose goal is to promote cultural awareness and understanding by exposing students to high caliber instruction on several martial arts from around the globe. The trainings are coupled with high level physicality and theoretical paradigms, which are aimed at magnifying the depths and efficiency of each art to their full potential. The various workshops, seminars, classes and/or lectures are open to men, women, and children who are interested in a multifaceted training experience.

“To better understand martial arts, one must understand history. To understand history, one must understand culture. To understand culture, one must understand philosophy and philosophers and what they were trying to express to the people of that time period.”
Guro Dan Inosanto



Several seminars are hosted annually by academies/schools whom collaborate directly with Guro Daniel Lonero and XTMA.

Our Instructors/Advanced Students camp is typically hosted late Spring or early Summer.
Please note, this program is by invitation only.

If you are interested in attending any of the XTMA seminars, please contact our affiliates or email xtmatraining@gmail.com for details and/or questions.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

“Daniel Lonero is one of the most gifted and dynamic instructors currently teaching on the world stage – if you are looking to affiliate yourself with the best,
then seek out to train with him.”
Martial Arts Illustrated (September Edition 2012)



The XTMA affiliates are independent academies/schools that share similar martial art philosophies on respect and open-mindedness while striving to uphold the highest levels of quality.

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